Quran Hifz BOYS Registration is open for Full Time / Part Time Hifz program

Registration is open for boys Full Time / Part Time Hifz program

– Anyone interested in enrolling their children contact Hafiz Habeeb Ar-Rahman Khan

– During Class Office Hours, 10-4 in Masjid Haqq

– Or call Hafiz Habeeb Ar-Rahman Khan at 630-726-1305

Print out a copy of the forms below. Complete and bring to hifz class (9-4) for quick processing

Copies also available in Masjid.

  1. Quran Class Registration Form
  2. Masjid Haqq Waiver Form
  3. Masjid Haqq Medical Release
  4. Quran Class Payment Form

Quran Class Registration Form

Masjid Haqq Waiver Form

Masjid Haqq Medical Release

Quran Class Payment Form