Masjid Haqq Rules of Attendance during Coronavirus Pandemic

1. At this time according to Governor’s guidelines ONLY 40 people are allowed to attend Masjid Haqq.
2. Women of any age and children under 13 yrs of age are not allowed at this time.
3. Do not come to masjid if you need to use a tissue to clean your nose for ANY reason.
4. Do not come to masjid if you have cough for ANY reason.
5. Do not come to masjid if you have body ache, headache, burning eyes, burning nose, congestion, runny nose, sore throat, fever, tiredness or shortness of breath.
6. It is recommended, for your own safety, to not come to masjid if you have any chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, liver disease, kidney failure, compromised immune system or uncontrolled blood pressure.
7. Check with Masjid Administration before coming, if you, or someone you came into contact with, had Covid-19.
8. Always do Wudu at home just before coming to the masjid.
9. Bring your own plain cloth to pray on. Keep it in your car and do not take it inside your home except for washing.
10. Always wear a mask when you come to the masjid.
11. Do not remove your mask even if you cough/sneeze unexpectedly.
12. Always maintain 6 ft distance from others, including during salaat.
13. Do not shake hands with others.
14. Pray sunnan raatibah and nawaafil at home.
15. Inform the masjid Administration if you become sick, so contact tracing can be done.

Registration is open for Full Time / Part Time Hifz program
– Anyone interested in enrolling their children contact Hafiz Habeeb urRahman Khan
– During Ramadhan, Dhuhr till Asr in Masjid or call Hafiz Habeeb urRahman Khan at 630-726-1305Br Saleem at 630-935-8926

Special Summer program for kids Details will be available shortly

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