Masjid-ul-Haqq presents:

Summer Family Program

Shaykh Ibrahim Zidan

Live Classes in Hadeeth, Aqueedah, and Tafseer this week 7/7/2019 – 7/13/2019

AFTER Fajr (Tafseer) 


Saturday, AFTER Zuhur thru Maghreb (Readings from 6 books of the Hadeeth 

Asalaam alaikum. We hope this message finds you well inshAllah.

IMPORTANT for Monday, July 8 2019 notes:

1. More classes added for this week! You can join from any device 🙂

2. Classes will be broadcast live over the internet this week. Links to each session below.

3. We need your help: Help us stay in touch- we will continue to send updates via email. We can also send via What’s App- if you’re on What’s app, please reply to this email with your phone # and we’ll add you to the broadcast list for class updates. This will help us as we can alert you quickly and effectively thru What’s App. This list will ONLY be used for class updates and session news.

AlhamdAllah, we have a full schedule this week of live sessions inshAllah:

1. After Fajr live session
2. After Magreb live session
3. Saturday special session

Please note, each session has a link, and clicking on the link will take you to ZOOM software that broadcasts the live session.  (Recordings will be posted in the near future inshAllah)

BEFORE the dars, if you have not already, please test your connection and try a practice zoom session here:

You can find the links to the live session below.

Where to find recordings?
In the future, a new site will organize all recordings. Until then, we will post specific links to each series.

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daily, AFTER Fajr 
topic: Tafseer 

Fajr session click to join live session >>> 

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Topics to include: 

– Aqeedah (Allalakaaii)

– Means to multiply the rewards (Assaadi)

– Cure of the heart afflicted by shaytaan (Ibn al Qayim )

After Maghreb session click to join live session>>> 

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Saturday, AFTER Zuhur thru Maghreb 
topic: Readings from 6 books of the Hadeeth 

Saturday session click to join live session >>> 

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Future Recordings will be placed HERE >>>>>> 

Thank you for your attention and best regards in your pursuit of knowledge inshAllah.

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