New Course Schedule 

New Arqam Academy course schedule After Ramadhan 2020

Asalaam alaikum respected participants of the virtual courses from Arqam Academy and Masjid Haqq.

New Weekly Schedule starting Monday June 1st, 2020 in sha Allah (all times Central US)

Day of Week Topic Time   Link to classroom 
Sunday Quran word to word 9:00 PM
Monday Fiqh دليل الطالب  (Arabic only) 9:00 PM
Tuesday Forty Hadeeth 9:00 PM
Wednesday Aqeedah 9:00 PM
Thursday Arabic Madinah Book 2 9:00 PM

Below this line you will find key instructions and information regarding the weekly dars program.

Please take a moment to review.
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1. Starting Monday June 1st, 2020 (Central US time), we will continue our weekly dars per above schedule in sha Allah.

2. To simplify access, the courses will be conducted on ZOOM,  however, we will likely move to a virtual classroom model in the near future to help store recordings and add more class functionality, in sha Allah.

3. For the next few weeks, class will be available directly from ZOOM thru a web link shared below and on the Masjid Haqq website.

4. ZOOM is a live web platform that allows us to conduct classes and have you participate from any internet-capable device like a phone or laptop. We will post recordings soon, once we determine the best place to host the files in sha Allah.

5. IMPORTANT RULES: To protect our class participants and to maintain the quality of education for the classes, we will have 2 key rules:

   rule 1) You must have a valid email address to join the class- so that we can recognize participants. When joining the ZOOM sessions, you’ll be prompted for an email ID.

   rule 2) You will make a conscious effort to attend regularly to all classes for which you select.

6. BEFORE your scheduled class, please test your connection and try a practice zoom session here:


   a) The class can be accessed from the Masjid Haqq website under “Online Classes”.  The links also appear below.

   b) Each day of class (Sunday thru Thursday) has its own unique link. So the link for Monday class will be different than Tuesday’s class, and so on.

   c) Recordings of class will be made available shortly in sha Allah. We are planning this step inshAllah we will update you soon.

   d) Should you seek to refer your friends and family, please have them register in the following link so that we can communicate via email with them. Anyone participating in classes are asked to register or we cannot accept them in the sessions:

Thank you for your attention and time. And best regards in your pursuit of knowledge inshAllah.