Itekaaf Application::Itikaaf Application

Before signing please make sure you agree to all the conditions for Itikaaf:

  1. Your intention must be sincere to do Itikaaf for only the pleasure of
  2. You will listen to the authorities on issues pertaining to discipline in
  3. You are prepared to carry out whatever function is assigned to you in the keeping the area clean and
  4. You will not engage in any activity that will violate the Itikaaf or disturb the well-being of others in
  5. You must bring your own towels and
  6. You must show mutual respect for eachYou must attend the Itikaaf orientation and be part of any session(s) arranged during the
  7. You must be prepared to sacrifice some comfort for the well-being of the
  8. You will avoid inviting friends for food and tea during Itikaaf.
  9. You will be asked to leave if you disturb the well-being of the
  10. Use of electronics is limited to communications as needed. No games are