Announcement from Masjid al Haqq:

Updated schedule for the weekend, starting Friday 12/29:

Friday 12/29: (schedule is 6pm-9 pm)
Saturday 12/30: (schedule 12:30pm – 8pm)

Topics: study of Lum’at Al-i’tiqad

At Masjid Haqq with Sheikh. Akram (with English translation by Sheikh Kamel Baba) ,

At Masjid Darul Qur’an with Sheikh Ibrahim

Sunday 12/31: Topic to be determined

At Masjid Haqq with Sheikh Ibrahim
At Masjid Darul Qur’an with Sheikh Akram (with English Translation by Sheikh Kamel Baba)

Monday 1/1: Topic TBD with sh. Ibrahim at Masjid Haqq only.

Parallel Tracks in Arabic (by Sh. Akram Ziyadah) and English (by Sh. Ibrahim Zidan)