Online Dars Series

Dars with Shaykh Ibrahim Zidan

Monday February 17th, 2020 – Sunday February 23rd, 2020

Live from St. Louis, Missouri 

Morning Tafseer Sessions After Fajr (every morning):

Teleconference options:
Via mobile phone: +19294362866,,991031055#
Via landline phone: +1 929 436 2866
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Evening Sessions after Maghreb and Isha salahs:

Teleconference option
mobile phone: +19294362866,,991031055#
Via landline phone: +1 929 436 2866


Asalaam o alaikum. We are happy to announce an upcoming special program with Shaykh Ibrahim Zidan in sha Allah.

What dates:

At Masjid Haqq, Lombard, IL: Thursday, February 6 thru Sunday, February 16th, 2020

From St Louis, Missouri: Monday, February 17th thru Sunday, February 123rd, 2020

Special program for February, Shaykh Zidan live from Masjid Haqq and online via web broadcast

What times:
▪ Every morning: Tafseer after Fajr,
⁃ Fajr Salah currently is 6:15 am and will move to 6 am this Saturday (we’ll notify everyone in sha Allah via email and Offical Masjid WhatsApp Group)

▪ Weeknights: after 8:30 Chicago time (Central US Time)
⁃ in sha Allah, dars each night after Isha prayer (Chicago time)

▪ For Weekend sessions, on Friday (the 7th, and 14th) and Saturdays (the 8th and 15th)
⁃ we will start in sha Allah after Maghreb salah, approximately 20 mins after salah (approximately 25 mins after sunset)
⁃ and then again after Isha (8:30 pm) in sha Allah.

What topics:
▪ Topics will align with the normal weekly schedule, and include additional subject matter, including:
▪ Aqeedah (Explanation of the book of Alubodiyah),
▪ Fiqh (Rulings of Purification and Salah),
▪ Purification of the Soul (Truthfulness), additional topics, and
▪ Fajr Tafseer of Surat Al Fatihah, Surah Ad-Duhaa, and Surah An-Nas

▪ The sessions will be broadcast live from Masjid Haqq in Lombard IL, and virtually broadcast using Zoom Webinar and teleconference.
▪ Should you wish to participate, the website will have links, and you can also subscribe to the educational updates Offical Masjid WhatsApp Group .

Recap on Schedule:
▪ Thursday Feb 8, after 8:30 pm Chicago time
▪ Friday after Fajr, Fajr is at 6.15 am
▪ Friday and Saturday (Feb 9,10), session after Maghreb and then again after Isha 8.30 pm)
▪ Sunday Feb 11 thru Thursday Feb 13, after Isha at 8:30 pm
▪ Friday and Saturday (Feb 14, 15) after Maghreb and then again after Isha (8.30 pm)